Certified Total Rewards Specialist™ (CTRS) Workshop

Provides early-career compensation and benefits practitioners an opportunity to achieve certification in a convenient three-day format, based on an assessment of basic competencies related to job evaluation, benchmarking, pay structures, core benefits and the total rewards approach.

3-day interactive session

Offered in-person, online, and in-house at your Organization

Accredited by ASEAN Total Rewards Institute

Course Introduction

This workshop provides early-career compensation and benefits practitioners an opportunity to achieve certification in a convenient three-day format, based on an assessment of basic competencies related to job evaluation, benchmarking, pay structures, core benefits and the total rewards approach.

The focus is on ensuring practitioners are equipped with the essential knowledge, terminology, theory, methods, and attitudes for performing their jobs with excellence.

Class discussions are used to develop attitudes and insights into the nature of tangible and intangible rewards. This is not intended as a skill-building course, but provides formal training in the essential knowledge needed for compensation and benefits.

An assessment exam is included, requiring a 70% passing score for certification, along with evidence (resume or LinkedIn profile) of one year experience performing compensation and benefits duties within an organization.

Course Facilitator

Learning Objectives

Understand and apply the Total Rewards Approach

Explain and appreciate the unique purpose of each type of reward

Understand and apply key motivation theories to predict impact of rewards

Describe the process for developing compensation and benefits programs

Support managers in making and communicating pay decisions

Consider ASEAN regional influences on rewards

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is intended for compensation and benefits practitioners with at least one year of hands on experience in an organizational setting. Those with 1-3 years of compensation and benefits experience will be best prepared to learn and to take the assessment exam.

This is a certification workshop for those with experience; it is not intended for those wishing to explore a move into compensation and benefits, who are strictly doing payroll or who have never done actual C&B work such as job evaluation, market pricing or benefits administration. Such persons should attend the standalone courses, which include more class discussions, skill-building exercises and networking opportunities.

Detailed Agenda

CTRS 1 : Job Evaluation
  • Understand and explain job evaluation
  • Use job descriptions and organization charts to determine job content
  • Distinguish job evaluation methods and how to apply them
  • Evaluate jobs using ranking, classification and scored approaches
  • Cross-validate job evaluation results for internal equity
  • Market validate job evaluation results
  • Recommend implementation approaches for job evaluation
  • Communicate job evaluation results effectively

Rewards Toolkit – What’s in it?

  1. Listing of 75+ specific reward practices
  2. Common job description embellishments
  3. Grade correlation table, showing equivalence of popular job levelling systems
  4. Sample Internal Level Guide for Sales & Marketing

CTRS 2 : Benchmarking and Salary Structures

  • Explain the uses of benchmark data
  • Evaluate potential sources of survey data in the ASEAN context
  • Match jobs and submit survey data
  • Conduct market analysis of base pay and other aggregates
  • Describe common types of salary range structures
  • Develop regressed and non-regressed salary structures
  • Maintain pay structures

Additional Handouts

  • Excel Case Study template to calculate market-ratios, salary ranges, compa-ratios
    and salary range graphs using fictitious data
  • Market slotting tool with formulas
  • Salary Proposal worksheet

CTRS 3 : Core Benefits

  • Explain the role and objectives of employee benefits
  • Consider all stakeholders when approaching benefits issues
  • Apply legal and ethical principles to benefits administration
  • Understand the spectrum of healthcare needs and how to determine the core benefits
  • Understand retirement and common approaches taken in ASEAN countries
  • Understand time off benefits and their purpose in organizations
  • Advise employees and managers appropriately regarding benefits issues

CTRS 3 : Rewards Specialist Competencies

  • Conduct basic research on laws and regulations governing reward practices in ASEAN
  • Understand and work with employee information skillfully and appropriately
  • Apply spreadsheet skills for compensation and benefits
  • Understand other HR functions and how to support them through rewards practices
  • Apply essential soft skills when handling rewards issues

Additional Materials

  • ASEAN SSS/PF research exercise
  • ASEAN quick reference with links to Social Security/Provident Fund and data privacy

Assessment and Certification

To ensure learners have sufficiently acquired the competencies taught in this course, an assessment may be taken for certification. Certification as a Certified Total Rewards Specialist™ (CTRS) will be valid for as long as the certificate holder remains active in the HR profession, with career breaks lasting no longer than 1 year.

If you are not intended to attend all 3-days course, you may choose to attend any course module at your convenience time. Those not wishing to take the assessment may receive a Certificate of Attendance.

There are two components of the assessment: 1) achievement of a passing score (28 out of 40 items, or 70%) on a written exam; and 2) relevant work experience in human resources, including experience or direct exposure/involvement in rewards issues, such as developing salary offers, managing promotions, etc.

Upon successfully attend all 3-days course followed by the assessment, you will receive the Certification as a Certified Total Rewards Specialist™ (CTRS) which be endorsed by the ASEAN Total Rewards Institute (ATRI).

Written Exam

The written exam will be conducted online. Each certification candidate will provide an email address. An email will be sent to the candidate from the ASEAN Total Rewards Institute (ATRI) with a URL link to the exam. The exam can be taken once each 30 days until passed. All those taking the certification exam will receive a letter confirming their overall score plus indication of pass/fail status.

Certification also requires confirmation by the instructor that the learner has significant and relevant work experience. This is to prevent “selling paper”, i.e. certifying good test takers who lack relevant work experience. Competence is more than knowledge, but includes skill and attitudes as well, which are gained through experience within an organization. The ATRI-designated instructor will conduct both parts of the assessment and make the final decision whether to certify the individual, based on both test completion and recognition of prior experience.

What Others Say About This Course

“I gained a lot of value and insights from this programme. I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend as this programme did a great job delivering the curriculum.”
“Very informative. Really made me think about possible scenarios. I found Tom Farmer, the trainer excellent. He could answer all questions asked and delivered the course in an interesting format.”
“Great Trainer, willing to share his own materials to participants. Fresh idea got showed something different from old practice”
“Tom Farmer is a real expert. A Jedi master in C&B. Elbee handled everything well. Professional and warm. Keep it up guys. Congratulations I learned a lot.”

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