Organisation Design and Structural Analysis Masterclass

Developing and Implementing Effective Organisation Structures with Right-Size and Right-Shape in order to Meet Business Needs and Drive Employee Performance and Organisation Effectiveness

3 half-day online sessions

Offered in-person

Accredited by HRD Future & Course Trainer

Course Introduction

Is this the Right Course for You?

  • The aim of this training course is to provide an understanding of the overall best-practice practical Organisational Design and Structural Analysis techniques that would help an organisation conduct an analytical “right-size and right-shape” project.
  • This training course will focus on the key principles of practical organization design and the relationship of Organisational Design with Manpower-Planning and explore some common manpower metrics and analytics.
  • The course will also focus on the importance of job grade and organisational level for each position in order to enable gap analysis and span analysis as part of overall structural analysis.
  • This course will also provide best practices on Organisational Design for the HR department to make sure you get your HR department right in terms of size, structure, and strategy.
  • This training course is NOT a “strategic” course on high-level Organisation Design, but instead this training course is a “pragmatic” course that follows on where strategic design finishes and looks at the more practical structural design issues.
  • This training course does NOT cover the typical soft-skills associated with organisational design such as change-management and managerial buy-in, but instead this training course looks at the quantitative analytical skills of OD&SA.


There are no pre-requirements, and this course is suitable for participants who classify themselves at either “elementary” or “intermediate” or “advanced” levels.

Course Trainer

  • Global Remuneration Expert
  • Over 30 years of experience in HR and C&B
  • Global Guru #500 List
  • Global HR Leadership Award

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for everyone who requires an appreciation or an in-depth knowledge of practical organisation design issues and structural analysis techniques, including all employees in all areas of Human Resources at all levels of VPs/Directors/Managers/Specialists/Analysts/Generalists, and this course is designed for following participants:

  • All managers and professionals and specialist who work in any area of HR.
  • All specialists in HR who work in Organisation Design and Organisation Effectiveness.
  • All specialists in HR who work in Compensation and Rewards and/or Performance Management.
  • All HR Business Partners (HRBPs) who get involved in Org-Design and Structural Analysis.
  • All managers from any functional area that need to know about Structural Analysis.

Detailed Agenda

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