Job Evaluation and Grade Structures Masterclass

Developing and Implementing Effective Job Evaluation Systems and Building Grade Structures in order to Meet Business Needs and Drive Employee Performance and Organisation Effectiveness

3 day in-person class or 5 half-day online sessions

Offered in-person & online

Accredited by HRD Future & Course Trainer

Course Introduction

A fundamental component of reward management and HR management is a grade and salary structure, and these are often taken for granted. Rather than make changes, HR and reward professionals try to fit the ever-changing needs of their employees into a grade system that may not have been reviewed for many years. In an increasingly competitive environment, when you want to attract and retain the best individual employees and high-performers, having an effective and fair job evaluation and grading system is crucial to underpin best-practice reward policies and deliver pay-for-performance.

Course Objectives

This online course will provide a sound knowledge of job evaluation approaches and provide an understanding of how job evaluation fits into the broader context of human resources management, and to provide practical skills in the application of job evaluation systems. Most employers want to ensure that they can “attract, retain and motivate” the best employees and teams, and this five half-days online course will cover the key areas in job evaluation tools and techniques and bestpractice processes for evaluating jobs and placing them accurately into your overall grade structure. This course will explore the different types of job evaluation systems that are used, both globally, and give you a basic familiarization with the concept of job evaluation and a high-level appreciation of the most commonly used best-practice approaches (such as Hay, Mercer, Towers-Watson, etc).

You will gain hands-on practice in evaluating jobs and this course is suitable for both HR generalists and remuneration specialists, and the aim of this course is to enable you to get a better understanding of how to evaluate jobs and how to design a grade structure that will help you to attract, motivate and retain employees. This online course is aimed at both HR Generalists and Reward Specialists to help you design and review your grading structure to ensure you evolve with a best-practice system.

Course Methodology

You will be provided with the information you need to establish a job evaluation system and make changes to your grading structure. You will have an opportunity to test various ideas and to establish what may work for you. You will be given access to various tools and techniques, as well as information on the latest trends and developments. This course will involve working in teams on practical case studies to gain detailed hands-on experience of evaluating jobs using the various tools and techniques that will be discussed throughout the course.

Course Case Studies

You will work on typical job evaluation and grading problems and issues, including actual issues and problems that are identified by the participants during the course. The course will include the following case studies designed around various companies in Asia:

  • Selecting the most appropriate job evaluation system
  • Building the internal case for review/design of a new grading/salary structure
  • Designing the most appropriate grade structure
  • The debate of single-step grades versus double-step grades versus broad-banding

Course Trainer

  • Global Remuneration Expert
  • Over 30 years of experience in HR and C&B
  • Global Guru #500 List
  • Global HR Leadership Award

Key Benefits of Attending

Provide techniques and professional skills for job evaluation and understanding how to build grade structures, and implement one of the core essential building blocks of placing jobs fairly in the overall grading hierarchy for best-practice human resources management

Understand the different approaches and systems and tools for job evaluation in order to determine how to place a job into the correct grade in your grading and pay structures

Learn about the different approaches for job evaluation, and gain an understanding of which system might produce the best results within your organisation and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the most commonly used types of job evaluation methods

Align your grade structures to your organisational objectives and human resources strategy and discover practical steps for implementing a job evaluation sy

Increase your business performance and employee effectiveness by developing a clear job grading structure that correctly values the responsibilities and contributions of each job to determine the correct grade for each job in your organisation

Opportunities for networking in the breaks with your fellow course delegates and course tutor to discuss practical issues that will help you in your workplace

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for everyone who requires an appreciation or an in-depth knowledge of determining the grades of jobs and the value of jobs, and everyone who needs to understand the concepts and techniques of job evaluation, and everyone who needs to be able to build and design grade structures, including all employees in all areas of Human Resources at all professional levels of VPs/Directors/ Managers/Specialists/Analysts/Generalists, and this course is designed for the all of the following participants:

  • All managers and professionals and specialist who work in any area of HR.
  • All specialists in HR who work in Compensation and Remuneration and Rewards.
  • All specialists in HR who work in Organisation Design and Organisation Effectiveness.
  • All specialists in HR who work in Performance Management and Performance Appraisals

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