HR Transformation in the Covid Endemic World: the Peril and the Opportunity of a Rapidly Changing Business Environment

This dynamic, interactive workshop will give you concrete solutions, tools, and action plans to transform the HR Function to address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities created in a COVID Endemic world.

3 day in-person class or 4 half-day online sessions

Offered in-person & online

Accredited by HRD Future & Course Trainer

Course Introduction

The COVID19 pandemic shows little signs of fully subsiding in the near future. Governments and organizations are being forced to consider how to keep citizens and employees safe, while maintaining and improving people productivity. This requires planning and implementing new workplace and workforce strategies for the long-term in a COVID endemic world.

To add to the challenges, for ten consecutive years now, economists around the world have measured declining people productivity which is creating a drag on business performance. However, the COVID 19 crisis is emerging as a catalyst to fix these issues. Changes in the way we work – where, when, and how – have come quickly and there are positive signs that the COVID crisis has driven workplace change that is improving people engagement and productivity.

This workshop will give you the tools, models, and capabilities to get the right people, in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills and motivation to permanently improve workforce engagement and performance. Solutions based on proven methods and tools by the world’s most successful companies. This workshop uses up-to-date case studies of those organizations who have taken advantage of the COVID19 (and other) crisis to effect permanent and positive change.

Key Competencies

  • Identifying opportunities for organization change in a crisis
  • Linking people strategy to the emerging business change imperatives
  • Change management principles in the context of crises and organizational change
  • Transformed HR operating model design and implementation
  • Business case modelling for HR organization change
  • Digital HR technology analysis, selection, and implementation
  • Business change road mapping and risk mitigation
  • HR and finance analytics

Learning Style

Four half-days, interactive, workshop with:

  • compelling presentations with the latest research
  • live polling
  • real life case studies of successful companies
  • group exercises with digital participant guide, to take away and use back on your job
  • group discussion and debate

Course Trainer

Tim Ringo, Chartered FCIPD, is an author, speaker and executive board advisor on topics related to HR and Human Capital. His latest book, Solving the Productivity Puzzle, published August 2020 on Kogan Page, recently won Business Book of the year (HR and Management), by the prestigious, Business Book Awards. Tim is a former senior executive in Accenture, IBM and SAP. He has over 30 years’ experience as a senior executive in the HR Consulting and HR Software industry. He has architected and led some of the largest and most successful HR change programs in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Learning Objectives

Develop a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented as a result of the global COVID19 Pandemic

Develop a set of HR change priorities to help your organisation reposition people strategy to support changed business priorities

Understand how to improve organization productivity from flexible and remote working

Embrace the opportunity to adapt HR Operating models to help the organization focus on improving people engagement and well-being

Develop an understanding of the importance of workforce wellness and diversity in people performance

Build a roadmap for change and a business case to make the financial case in your organization.

Build a roadmap for change and a business case for change, to make the financial case in your company

Who Should Attend?

This course is based on Tim Ringo’s proprietary research and writings on how COVID19 is creating opportunities for positive change in the workplace. It also contains research from his latest awardwinning book, Solving the Productivity Puzzle, (Winner, Business Book of the Year – HR & Management, May 2021) and is designed for anyone involved in organization change and driving improved people productivity and business performance in a crisis. Particularly, leaders in HR, Operations, IT and Finance who all need to work together as a team to drive effective and sustainable change.

Roles: HR, IT and Finance managers, and heads of departments as well as CHRO, COO, CFO and CIO.

Detailed Agenda

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