HR Policies and Procedures Masterclass

Managing HR Policies and Procedures (P&PS) and HR Manuals to Meet Business Needs and Drive Employee Performance

2 day in-person class or 3 half-day online sessions

Offered in-person & online

Accredited by HRD Future & Course Trainer

Course Introduction

A fundamental component of human resources management is clear and effective HR policies and procedures (P&Ps) and detailed terms and conditions of employment (T&Cs) that protect the rights of the employer and are also seen as fair and reasonable by the employee, and these P&Ps and T&Cs are often taken for granted. Rather than make changes, HR generalists and professionals try to fit the ever changing needs of their employees into a structure of policies and procedures that may not have been reviewed for many years. The course will touch on all areas of HR policies and procedures, including employee relations, employment contracts, HR manuals and employee communications.

Course Objectives

This live online course will provide you with the information and guidance to help you in developing/refreshing and implementing your human resources policies and procedures in your organisation, and help to ensure that your employment contracts and HR manuals meet your business needs, while allowing the company to attract, retain, engage and motivate employees. In an increasingly competitive employment environment, when you want to attract and retain the best individual employees and high-performers, managing your employee relations and employee communications are increasingly critical tools that form part of your overall HR strategy. Most employers want to ensure that they can “attract, retain, engage and motivate” the best employees and teams, and this two-day course will cover the key areas that must be covered by your overall HR policies and procedures that enable employers to adopt best-practices for managing employee relations and compete more effectively in the war for talent by improving employee engagement whilst developing trust and fairness for both parties in the relationship between employer-employee.

Course Methodology

This live online course will provide you with the information you need to make changes to your human resources policies and procedures, and improve your contracts of employment, and to develop and improve your HR manuals. You will have an opportunity to test various ideas and to establish what may work for you. You will be given access to various tools and techniques, as well as information on the latest trends and developments. This focus of this course is upon being a practical, hands-on course to help you develop HR policies and procedures, and you will be provided with best-practice examples of HR policies and procedures, and a detailed soft-copy sample stencil HR manual that you can easily tailor to implement within your own organisation after the two-days of this course.

You will also receive a detailed sample HR Manual that has been developed by Robert Mosley himself over the past two decades, based upon practical trial-and-error and real-life experience, and parts of this sample manual are now used by many companies in both Asia and the Middle East.

Course Trainer

  • Global Remuneration Expert
  • Over 30 years of experience in HR and C&B
  • Global Guru #500 List
  • Global HR Leadership Award

Review Your Manual with the Course Leader

You are invited to bring your own HR manual or HR handbook for review by the course leader Robert Mosley.

Key Benefits of Attending

Understand the importance of HR policies and procedures and where it fits into the organisation and how it forms part of your overall approach to employee relations.

Increase your business performance and employee effectiveness through implementing fair and reasonable human resources policies and procedures that will retain and motivate staff.

Align your terms and conditions of employment with your overall remuneration strategy and develop detailed employment contracts that will attract new employees and improve employer branding and employee engagement.

Develop skills and expertise to produce clear and coherent policy and procedure documents.

Discover practical steps for developing an effective channel of communication with all employees through your Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual.

Network with your fellow course delegates and course tutor to discuss practical issues related to HR Policies and Procedures that will help you in your workplace

Who Should Attend?

This live online course is designed for everyone who requires either a generalist understanding or an in-depth knowledge of working with and managing human resources policies and procedures and terms and conditions of employment, including all professionals who work in HR at all career levels and all specialists who work in the areas of HR Policies and Procedures and Employee Relations and Employee Communications, and Personnel Administration.

Course Timings
Participants are advised to join 15 minutes early to ensure Webex is working, mic works, video, etc. The live online course will commence promptly at 14.00pm each day and conclude at 17.30pm each day. There will be half an hour for a short break at 15.00pm.

Detailed Agenda

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