Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Workshop

Develop better EQ in yourself and others. Drive collaboration, innovation and results.

3 half-day online sessions

Offered online only

Accredited by HRD Future & Course Trainer

Course Introduction

Emotional intelligence, sometimes called EQ or EI for short, is an individual’s ability to perceive, manipulate, and evaluate emotions. Decades of research now point to emotional intelligence as being the critical factor that sets star performers apart from the rest of the pack. The connection is so strong that 90% of top performers in the workplace possess high emotional intelligence.

To successfully lead others requires building emotional intelligence. Developing and practicing emotional intelligence is crucial for leaders HR and professionals in today’s workplace. With greater self-awareness of your emotions and the ability to empathise and understand other people’s emotional state, you and your team will perform better in the workplace. In other words being emotionally intelligent makes a real difference to performance and, therefore, profit.

Emotional intelligence training is not just a desirable ‘soft skill’. In fact, research indicates that emotional intelligence can be a better indicator of workplace performance than IQ.

This course is designed with incorporating Trait EI (or emotional self-efficacy) theory to help you identify your emotional strengths areas for development, improve greater self-awareness and strengthen your leadership capabilities, demonstrate the attributes of an emotionally intelligent leader, and more.

Custom Design

This course is offered as a public course for organisations. It can be customised to your organisation’s needs. If you have 10 or more interested people, we can customise the course content to your specific learning needs, as well as attracting savings compared to public course costs.

Pre-course work: (20 minutes)

The participant is required to complete the TEIQue-Leadership Assessment prior to the training start date. An assessment link will be sent to you.

After the assessment, you will be receiving a comprehensive report on your emotional intelligence test. The assessment cost is GBP99.99 and it will be covered by HRD Future.

Expert Course Trainer

Learning Objectives

Assess, discuss and develop your own Emotional Intelligence, and that of others, using a helpful Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue).

Specify the different levels and aspects of EI required in different job roles

Tackle potentially stressful work situations in an emotionally intelligent way

Use insights from neuroscience to create engagement in teams, and solve issues around disengagement

Take a strengths-based approach to developing others and facilitating career conversations

Address conflict and difficult relationships in an emotionally intelligent way, thus leading to better collaboration and problem-solving

Facilitate feedback conversations in a way that reduces defensiveness, and maximises engagement and performance - using insights from EI

Improve your own (and others') work-life balance, resilience and wellbeing by practicing emotionally intelligence life management techniques

Benefits to You and Your Organisation

  • Leaders are better able to maintain a positive work environment.
  • Sales and buying staff are better able to influence outcomes in your favour, particularly when handling difficult prospects or tough negotiations.
  • Customer facing personnel are better equipped to handle conflict and to make all customers feel like they are being listened to and understood – this has a positive affect on customer loyalty and retention.
  • Staff in general are better equipped to handle the ever-increasing pressures of a modern workplace.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for anyone in a leadership role in an organisation who is interested in developing and practicing emotional intelligence, or those who aspire to leadership role. These include Directors, Managers, Leaders, Project Managers, Subject-matter experts, HR Professionals, L&D/Talent Professionals.

Detailed Agenda (Online Class)

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