Succession Planning & Talent Development (SPTD) Certification

Build the talent and leadership pipeline your organization needs for sustainable future growth

2 day in-person class or 4 half-day online sessions

Offered in-person, online, and in-house

Accredited by Human Capital Institute US

Course Introduction

Build the talent and leadership pipeline your organization needs for sustainable future growth

HCI believes that succession planning is an objective, intentional, and systematic effort to ensure leadership continuity by identifying and developing current and future leaders who will lead and execute the organization’s strategic priorities. In other words, it helps current leaders and HR stakeholders answer these two critical questions: Who should lead? And when?

HCI also believes that building a strong leadership pipeline requires talent that is nurtured and developed at all levels and in alignment with an organization’s business strategy. This is the best way to ensure individual readiness and support future growth.

HCI’s NEW Succession Planning & Talent Development certification program is designed to help you align your organization’s succession planning and talent development efforts with your business strategy using a practical but compelling framework to guide your team’s efforts.

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What You’ll Learn

This two-day course is built around HCI’s research-based Succession Planning framework. This framework is designed to execute a succession planning process that emphasizes evidence over opinion.


If succession planning is to be effective throughout the organization, it must present solutions to talent problems that align with the organizational strategy. Organizations must be clear on what they want to achieve by investing in succession planning and how success will be measured.


Beyond the C-Suite, effective succession planning strategies take into consideration an organization’s strategic workforce plan and segment based on level and/or position. They begin building leadership pipelines at lower levels of the organization.


If the top challenge to succession planning is a reliance on gut-feel decisions, the importance of assessment cannot be overstated. In addition to evaluating skills and abilities, assessment can help organizations determine whether to build or buy critical talent.


Leadership looks different at different levels. Competency models and capability frameworks can help nurture leadership behaviors and set expectations for an individual’s growth and development over time.

What to Expect

  • Leave every HCI program with a free toolkit, access to additional videos and research, and a set of skills that you can use on the job immediately
  • ​​​​​​​Access log-in information, certification materials (participant guide and toolkit), and the exam in your MyHCI profile 
  • Chat and interact with your facilitator and peers via WhatsApp available on mobile or desktop after the training course
  • Earn your HCI certification by attending all of the sessions, complete all classwork, and pass the multiple-choice exam with a score of 80% or higher 
  • Renew your HCI certification every three years by obtaining 60 credits 
  • Attend this training and earn 13 HCI, 13 HRCI, 13 SHRM, and 12 ATD recertification credits

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