Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) Certification

Forecast and plan the workforce your organization will need to succeed in the future.

2 day in-person class or 4 half-day online sessions

Offered in-person, online, and in-house

Accredited by Human Capital Institute US

Course Introduction

Forecast and plan the workforce your organization will need to succeed in the future.

Skill gaps or shortages. Turnover. An aging workforce. Changing business models. Managing talent risks and expenses. The complexity and urgency of these issues make it feel impossible to plan more than a few months out.

You need a way to develop and implement a workforce plan that is agile and dynamic enough to help your organization thrive in today’s environment—while at the same time establishing yourself as a strategic partner to the business.

HCI’s model takes workforce planning out of the theoretical realm and gives you a methodology and set of tools that you can implement right away—beginning in class.

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What You’ll Learn

HCI’s Strategic Workforce Planning model gives you a framework to prepare your organization for the future. As you learn each activity in the model, you’ll either begin real work or plan how to get started once you’re back on the job.

Learning Objectives

Assess Your Organization’s Readiness

Find out where you stand so you can successfully implement and sustain workforce planning.

Align Your Strategy

Segment roles according to your organization’s strategy.

Scan the Environment

Look for internal and external factors that affect your ability to put the right talent in place.

Construct Data-Based Scenarios

Imagine what the future holds so you can prepare for it.

Develop an Action Plan

Compare where you are now with where you want to go. Make and monitor a plan to close the gaps.

What to Expect

  • Leave every HCI program with a free toolkit, access to additional videos and research, and a set of skills that you can use on the job immediately
  • ​​​​​​​Access log-in information, certification materials (participant guide and toolkit), and the exam in your MyHCI profile 
  • Chat and interact with your facilitator and peers via WhatsApp available on mobile or desktop after the training course
  • Earn your HCI certification by attending all of the sessions, complete all classwork, and pass the multiple-choice exam with a score of 80% or higher 
  • Renew your HCI certification every three years by obtaining 60 credits 
  • Attend this training and earn 13 HCI, HRCI, SHRM, and ATD recertification credits

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